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Mr Fitness trainers have been training people of all ages in the Toronto area for over 30 years. We specialize in one on one training and small group classes. Whether its losing weight, increasing muscel mass or improving strength and conditioning we will help you impliment a training program that matches your goals.

Martial Arts


Whether participating for fun, fitness or setting goals to earn your black belt training in the martial arts can be exhilarating. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for men, women and children. Train in Karate, Boxing, Kick Boxing or the Filipino Fighting Arts.

Our one on one or small group classes provide an ideal training atmosphere to learn mixed martial arts. For children weh ave kids karate and fitness classes. Give your child the opportunity to develop confidence, learn self-defence and improve physical fitness all while having fun participaing in our programs.

Ask about our Street Safe self defence workshops

Personal Training

Training Sessions

Personal training sessions assist people of all fitness levels to reach their goals faster and more efficently. Whether you train to loose weight, gain muscle, improve phyisical fitness or to become efficent in a particular martial art you will see and feel the difference one on one training can make.

Training sessions begin with an appropriate warm-up and then depending on the type of workout chosen, strength and conditioning segments combined with a skill and development portion designed for your individual needs. Combining weight training with mixed martial arts drills provides a great way to challange yourself.