Martial Arts

Kids Karate & Fitness

Give your child the opportunity to develop confidence, learn self-dicipline and improve physical fitness all the while having fun participating in our kids karate and fitness programs. Students begin by learning specific positions and tecniques and then sequences of moves.
As the student masters a specific program of skills he or she moves on to the next level and can set new long term goals. All students have the opportunity to earn a black belt because ranks are based on development of skills which are independent of age, size or physical stature.To book a free trial class or to discuss a suitable program for your child please call us 416-749-4202

Our Adult Karate Programs

Traditional Karate was introduced to Japan through Okinawa. It has harmonized well with Japanese traditional Martial Arts and continues to evolve and grow in popularity. Train at a beginner, intermediate or advancrd level and feel the benifits of increased flexibility, less body fat, higher self confidence and an over all improvement in fitness and well being.Whether participating for fun or setting goals to earn your black belt training in the martial arts can be exhilarating.

Boxing & Kick Boxing Programs

Our boxing program is designed to teach basic boxing fundimentals. First and formost students learn good defensive skills, balance, foot work and the proper way to block and slip punches. This combined with good punching techniques and the ability to throw combinations while moving forwards and backwards provides the foundation for this skill set. In days of past boxing was called the sweet science because it taught the art of learning how to make your opponent miss. Putting this together with good counter punching skills was the true definition of boxing.

Kick Boxing

This discipline combines two of the natural weapons we have, hands and feet.Together they can provide a very effective combat skill. Similar to our boxing program the emphasis is placed on learning defensive skills and good basic boxing skills combined with a variety of kicks from the martial arts. This can be a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall strength and agility while challenging you every step of the way.

Filipino Fighting Arts

This martial art decended from the Philippines. There are probably over a hundred styles of this Filipino fighting art, coming from north, south and central regions. Training in kali involves single stick, double sticks, knives and striking techniques using hands, feet, knees and elbows.
There are also grappling techniques, standing or on the ground using sweeps, take-downs, chokes, locks and submissions. Filipinos' were great warriors culturing a savage art from a savage land for over a thousand years. This style of martial art training is both very rewarding and very practical especially as a form of self-defence.