Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions

These training programs assist people of all fitness levels, whether you train to become efficent in a particular martial art or whether you train to improve phyisical fitness. You will see and feel the difference, Training sessions begin with an appropriate warm-up, and then depending on the type of workout chosen.strength and cardio segments combined with a skill and development portion designed to help you reach your goals.
Our Kickboxing and Filipino Arts programs have three levels beginer, intermediate and advanced. Our Karate programs use a grading system designed to test you at each level. All students have the opportunity to earn a black belt because ranks are based on development of skills which are independent of age, size or physical stature.

Your Instructor/Trainer

Jim Bzovey has been training in the martial arts for over 35 years. He studied traditional Karate and Kung Fu with Master Sensi Alex Atkinson and holds a Kyoshi 6th Dan ranking with the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Assocition. He continued his studies of karate and kickboxing with world kickboxing champion Wally Sloki and continues to train with both men to this day. For ten years he studied the Filipino Arts with Sifu Larry Hartsell and Salem Assli both world renown instructors with the Insantos Academy in Los Angeles.
He is also a certifed boxing instructor with Boxing Ontario and certified kickboxing instructor with Kickboxing Ontario, as well as being a Standardized Fitness Appraiser with the Canadian Association of Sports Sciences. Over the years he has worked with beginers to world champions, and has trained and coached fighters representing Canada at 5 world championships. An excellent communicator, Jim offers a unique training experience to all his clients.

Naveen Kumar is a profesional bodybuilder who began his career in India before immigrating to Canada in 2003. As a successful competitor in India he has won gold, silver and bronze medals in bodybuilding at district, state and national levels. In 1999 he won gold in the Indian National lifting Championships. Since moving to Canada, he has competed in several natural bodybuilding competitions in the heavyweight division.
As a father of a young family he has put his competitive career on hold to focus on teaching and training individuals of all ages in the sport of natural bodybuilding. For anyone wishing to lose weight , gain muscle or increase overall fitness levels Naveen provides effective training programs to suit everyone. His slogan is If You Are Dedicated I Will Guarantee Results. Group classes and/or one-on-one sessions are available at competative prices depending on your individual needs.For training times and bookings Naveen can be reached Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm at 416-749-7552 or 416 749-4202. Weekends are appointment only.